Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sneak peek: my studio.

Today, in one of the classes of the postgraduate course in interior design that I'm taking, we were talking about changing furniture and objects in our house, just to make it feel different and renovated. This made me think about my home studio, where I work and pass most of the day and that I recently changed.

When I finished my degree, this July, I completely redesigned my studio. For years, this room has been the place where my sister and I played and did our homework. This past course it's been almost my "home", as I was there like 16 hours a day working non-stop to finish my final project on time. It got super messy and I got plans, papers and 3d models all over the place.

So, when I finished cleaning it up, I thought I had to change it entirely because this was going to be my studio for the next few (maybe more) months. Of course, I only had a little budget so I sticked to what I already had: my beloved yellow sofa (perfect for reading), my precious wooden table and blue Fritz Hansen chair, the Metro shelving systems (the narrow and wide ones, and a little one with wheels) and the rug.

I changed the position of the table and sofa, to get a cozy little space to relax by the gorgeous and enormous window; I put the table next to one of the shelves, and I used the rug to establish the "virtual space" of the area.
I brought back home all my architecture and design books and I displayed them on the shelf. I love how they look all together. I put the plotter on the lower shelf so when the paper comes out it doesn't fall over.

It was time to visit Ikea. I bought things I wanted to get to decorate and to make it feel all united. I bought this white Malm table to put it between the window and the sofa, because I wanted a place for plants, candles, frames... that it was not to noticeable and could easily stick to the room.
I also got two work lamps, one for reading, the other one for my studio table; and some accessories as the magnetic board, round magnets, stainless steel containers, the wastepaper basket, two pen cups and a letter tray. On the wide shelf, I organised all my notes and papers from college in these white magazine files and all my craft tools and other stuff in the black boxes at the top.

All images by Muffins in my backpack.


Samantha Reid said...

love this post...for bathroom and furniture you can Click here


You memorize my 5 years back life.I used to decore my room in same way,and realize that Interior Designing as a career option ......Thanks for such a nice post.

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