Sunday, November 18, 2012

Project 1: Isolating ourselves. (Part I)

The first project of our postgraduate course was to make an isolated space for ourselves. We had to come up with "something" that could keep us isolated from the rest of the people, and that we could easily put wherever we were to get an instant little place for us. It had to be easily mountable and transportable.
Depending on what were our initial inputs, everyone thought of their perfect space. The ones I thought about were that I had to be able to sit, to have zenithal light, and not to see the outer things (because then I cannot concentrate). 

I wanted to build like a wall made of white thick paper, that could fit in a regular folder, so I had to make as many accordions (because the paper had to be folded) as height units I wanted.

I got a paper coil, I cut four bands that were 5 meters long, and I started folding the stripes in 20cm wide pieces.

Then, in three of the four bands I did a cut at the lower part to make sure they could be mounted, and made a final little triangular cut to make the assembly as easy and fast as possible.

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