Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DIY: Advent calendar and Xmas tree (2 in 1).

For this year's advent calendar I wanted a "2 in 1" sort of thing, as J. didn't have any Christmas decoration (and he wasn't going to buy anything). So, I thought that I had to make a calendar that could be displayed during the holidays as well, and I wanted it as minimal as possible, in order to fit in with the whole living space.

I knew I wanted something inexpensive, maybe cardboard or paper, nothing fancy; and the most important thing, it had to be foldable as I had to carry it. I wanted to make something like in 2D that could, maybe, be hung up.

I started my research and found the perfect inspiration in this amazing blog called Weekday Carnival. I, obviously, adapted the idea to what I already had in mind but it almost had everything I was looking for: a flat surface and ornamentation.

I chose a colour scheme: black&white texture images and different red plaids. I printed them on white cardboard, put the numbers on the other side and then I cut them with my circle cutter.

To make the tree I used a large sheet of tracing paper cut it as a triangle and attached it to the wall with the transparent washi tape with black dots, and finally I put the circles on the tree with the same washi tape. I love that it seems there is no tree surface apart from the lines, and  I can have the advantage of not having to attach each circle directly to the wall.

Now, they only need to be turned around to show the texture and become a beautiful Xmas tree!

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