Monday, October 29, 2012

25 red balloons.

On Saturday I celebrated my 25th birthday with my friends. I had been preparing the party as I wanted to make that day special. It's been a pretty intense year for me and I wanted to make something different from every year. I wanted to focus on the idea of wishes becoming true, as this year I've achieved one: being an architect.
As I'm not working right now, I had plenty of time to think of a party, and I started by choosing a theme: red balloons. So, with that being said, I bought an hellium gas cylinder and 30 red balloons.

I designed the invitation myself (in red, of course) and a logo to help people identify the whole thing. A friend of mine kindly let me her house to throw the party, and I also designed the map to help people get there.
Everything in the party was red or white (dishes, cups, cutlery, napkins...) and everyone brought something to eat. It was so perfect, I loved it! I really enjoyed staying there with all of them :)

After eating lunch I told my friends I wanted them to think of a wish and write it down on a paper that I had also designed for the occasion. They were red too, and they had a little hole to attach it to the ribbon holding the balloon.

We went outdoors, we counted to three and we let our wishes go away directly up to the sky. It was a magical moment for me, I really loved seeing all those red spots getting far and far away with our dreams to be accomplished.

It truly was a perfect birthday party thanks to them!

I got some presents and also two cute booklets: one with pictures of different situations we've lived together and the other one with 25 things I have to do in my life! (They do know I really like magenta!).


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