Wednesday, April 04, 2012

GR-92 (Part 5).

Having completed this stage we've done half of the challenge!

STAGE 5: El Cortalet - L'Escala
Date: Saturday, March 31, 2012
Distance: 20,56km (12,77mi)
Time: 6h 10min
Moving time: 4h 26min
Start elevation: 4m (13ft)
Finish elevation: 10m (33ft)
Min. elevation: 0m
Max. elevation: 20m (66ft)

1. Storks at the Marshlands Nature Reserve.

 2. Marshes all around.

 3. Arriving to the beach.

 4. The beach with the mountains of stage 3 at the background.

 5. The river in Sant Pere Pescador.

 6. Fields with the mountains of our next stage at the background.

7. Little sailing boats at the coast of L'Escala.

Next stage: L'Escala - Torroella de MontgrĂ­.

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