Thursday, March 15, 2012

Tom Vac.

Ron Arad designed the Tom Vac chair in 1999. It is composed by a plastic seat shell (with additives that prevents sun bleaching) and steel legs. It can be stacked up to 5 chairs in order to save space.

It's so versatile that it fits in a lot of environments, as an individual or a group; in shops, offices, homes, restaurants, caf├ęs... indoors or outdoors! 

I've never had the opportunity to seat on one of those, but they seem so comfortable as the seat is wide enough to seat relaxedly. This powerful black above is so chic and elegant!

I'm in love with this last photo, this group of Tom Vac chairs seem like white flower petals flowing around the patio. I would definitely have some of these at my courtyard (if I had one!). 

Images from Vitra.

1 comment:

Bugarska Leto said...

Great chair! Truly, this black is so elegant!

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