Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Stacking green house.

This is the HA house (or Stacking Green) by Vo Tronga Nghia, Daisuke Sanuki and Shunri Nishizawa in Saigon (Vietnam). This is a typical tube house in a plot of 4m wide and 20m deep. The two open façades are made by concrete planters. The distance between the planters is from 25 to 40cm depending on the height of the plants.

There are few partition walls in the house, to make sure there is fluency and views of the green façades all over the different spaces. There is also a skylight at the center of the house, and the sunlight gets into the house from morning to afternoon through the plants, creating beautiful shadows on the walls.

This house recreates the typical building in Saigon: narrow and tall houses full of flowerpots. These plants protect people from the sunlight, street noise and polution.

Simply clever!

Images via Arch daily.

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