Tuesday, December 20, 2011

DIY: Christmas gift tags.

I really like to customize the presents I give, so yesterday I tried to make my own gift tags.
I've been wanting to try stamp carving for a while, so these gift tags were the perfect way to do it. You could find most of your craft supplies wih a Target promotional coupons and save.

I started by drawing some (easy!) Christmas decorative motifs: a tree, a snowflake and a candy cane. I printed and transferred them to the rubber. As I didn't have the required tools I cut them with my regular cutter (I think it made a pretty good job).

I could have used stamp pads but I tried gouache instead. I thought that this heavier texture would match better with the craft paper. I chose white, magenta (with a tiny pigment of white) and paynes gray.

Then I put some washi tape around the corners, made a little hole and attached a strip of white and red baker's twine. Finally I wrote the names with black marker.

I love this imperfect look and characteristic texture of the little drawings.

Images by Muffins in my backpack.

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