Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The library. (I)

I am currently doing my final university project (in Architecture), I started in September and hope to finish in October 2012. I chose to do a new library in the city centre of Figueres.
As I'm in the beginnings of all this, I'm starting to make sketches and first models, so I'm looking for exisiting examples. That's the reason of this post, every now and then I'll be posting libraries I really like, and hope they start bringing me the inspiration I need :)

This is a Culture House and Library in Copenhagen (Denmark) by COBE. They made an extension to the existing culture house (of 1150 m2) and completed it with a new building of 2000 m2. 

As they say: "The new culture house consists of four clearly defined programs: a children’s library, a youth library, a library for adults and a concert hall. These four functions are stacked on top of each other like a series of golden “books”. Each "book" is a world of its own with individual interiors and furnishment. The spaces between the books are open zones for flexible use."

"As a main gesture, the concert hall is placed at the top of the building. A powerful object that seems to defy the laws of gravity, the position of the hall encourage people to move across the building towards the magnificent view over Copenhagen."

Image credits: COBE.


Anika said... pretty.

Jennifer said...

The concept made me think of the campus expansion of the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis. They are adding a modern Swedish style building to the existing mansion. Good luck with your project!

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