Wednesday, July 06, 2011

DIY: 3D painting.

I've always loved this painting by Van Gogh. It was like ten years ago at the arts class at school: We had to make a 3D painting of an existing one. I chose the "Bedroom in Arles".

The other day, while looking for something in my room, I came across my little model of this painting and I was extremely happy! It's a little bit damaged,but mostly intact.
There are good coupons for Meijer paints and construction paper .


Image of the painting here.

Images by Muffins in my backpack.


Jackie said...

How awesome! At the same angle, you can really see it!

Anika said...

LOVE this. I remember a photographer in the National Gallery in Washington who made huge prints of miniature recreations of the white house. At first I thought it was just a photo of the oval office but then upon further examination saw that the images were all created was awesome. I tried to find a link to show you but couldn't...I will keep looking ;)

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