Thursday, June 09, 2011

Big wall decoration.

I like simple painted walls, but I think that in order to pay attention to a certain space we need a big, and unique, decoration.

As I said, I love big decoration when talking about walls and I also adore maps (maybe because I'm always among lots of plans). I like maps of all kinds: old, new, subway maps, world maps, city maps... I've always wanted to do something like this:

World Map via

 France Map via

 Long Island Map via

 World Map Painting via

 Italy Map via

Another possibility is to have an "evolving" map. Whenever you travel to somewhere you've never been, you make a new mark on the map. I think that's perfect if you like travelling.

"Pinning" map via

 Scratch Map via

Happy couch-travelling!


Neus said...

Moltes gràcies per felicitar-me!! La foto és des de les Illes Medes, i sóc de Torroella!

Jo també tinc una obsesió amb els mapes, tinc el d'ikea: el devia comprar en una època que era rica, perquè ara no em gastaria tot això... però de fet no me n'arrepenteixo gens, m'encanta mirar-lo i remirarlo!

Monica {bohemian twilight} said...

now you see, i've always liked the idea of a map on the wall, being a traveller, but never liked how it would look. now you've given me perfect examples of aesthetically pleasing possibilities. my faves are the first two.

amberlee said...

i love the idea of a pinning map, cute!

keishua said...

I love maps on walls, too. The trick is to find the right map. I like something lively and well done. I really like the world map in green but I think a cool city map would be fun, too.

Faith said...

I love maps! Especially big on walls. I saw one recently where you scratch off (like with a lotto ticket) where you've been. I thought that was pretty fantastic :)

Marta said...

@Faith: you mean a map like the last one in the post? I also think they're amazing!

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