Friday, May 20, 2011

How a garden gnome can change your life.

I love the film Amélie. Everybody should watch this film at least once in their lives!
I think I’ve watched it more than ten times and I always find some beautiful details I hadn’t notice before. How awesome is that?!

I especially adore the sub-plot of Amélie’s father garden gnome; and that’s the reason of this post. 

Amélie’s mother has died and Amélie’s father has fixed his garden gnome and put it on the top of his wife’s grave to honor her. Amélie is worried about his father and she tries to convince him that he has to do things that cheer himself up, such as travelling, one of his major dreams.

He won’t listen to her, so she comes with a perfect idea and steals the garden gnome.

One day his father receives a letter with a polaroid photo of his garden gnome in Moscow. Shortly after, his garden gnome sends him another letter from New York. And from Cambodja. His garden gnome is travelling around the world, and has also visited the Monument Valley, Athens, Istanbul…

Later on, we discover that one of Amélie’s friends is a flight attendant. She has been carrying the garden gnome all over the world, taking pictures and sending them to Amélie’s father. Then, the gnome is returned back home. Amélie’s plan has succeeded and, finally, his father is courageous enough to accomplish his dream of travelling.

I absolutely love this story. It makes me think about how we can change the life of people we love. Maybe something irrelevant to us means the world to another person.

I picked the pictures directly from the movie (play&pause + print screen).


Belly B said...

Haha this was amazing but Gnomeo and Juliet (a cartoon) was what made me fall in love with gnomes! :D

<3 Belly B

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi said...

This is one movie I still haven't seen!

Kaitlin said...

This is my all-time favourite movie. I love that you love it too!

Everyone should see it :)

seeker said...

I love this sub-story too

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