Tuesday, May 24, 2011

DIY: Polka dot wall.

I moved to a new flat while ago, everything was so white and impersonal. The picture above shows one of my bedroom walls. I'm still in college but I didn't want my place filled with posters of movies and bands (althought you can see Amélie's poster on the left corner).

I wanted something wonderful to look at and I came with the idea of designing a polka dot wall.

I had plenty of photos taken with a fisheye camera that had to be circle shaped. I bought a circle cutter and did the job!

Apart from that, I put a mirror and a hanging clothes organizer to keep all my scarfs.

Images by Muffins in my backpack.


Aubrey said...

Love this idea! Love, love, love :)

amberlee said...

Wow, this looks amazing! Thanks for having a look at my little blog x

Marriane said...

I love those photos on your wall! I'm inspired to put something like that on my wall too!

Faith said...

I love it, this is such an awesome idea! I love that they're taken with a fish eye lens too, makes it a lot more bubbly.

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