Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mixing materials.

I love construction materials with "strong personality", such as stone; they add character to a building. And it's even better, when a building has a mixture of these materials.
One of these mixings is the stone and corten steel duo.

The first project is the Salt Museum, in Salins-les-Bains (France), by Malcotti Roussey Architectes. They won the competition for the restoration of the salt works. They restored the original complex made of stone and added modern gestures by using steel which is related to another new building next to the museum (assigned to be a casino, restaurant and auditorium).

It was recommended not to cover the old walls saturated with salt, so this hermetic box (made of Indaten® construction steel sheeting) creates a new interior to the museum.

The next project is the CN Castel, in Fundão (Portugal), by Comoco. This project was about conservating Castelo Novo's Castel and its surroundings, and building a new space for visitors to enjoy this place.

The architects thought of a new organic and abstract object, which changes depending on the site: acting like a defined volume or a pavement and stairs. The construction was made with metal structures that don't damage the old ones.

Salt Museum: (Via Archdaily and diariodesign. Photos by Nicolas Waltefaugle)
CN Castle: (Via Archdaily. Photos by FG+SG: Fernando Guerra and Sergio Guerra)

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