10 things about me.

Algarve, Portugal, 2011.

  • My name is Marta and I’m 25.
  • I was born in Figueres as well as painter Salvador Dalí, although I’m not a genius at all.
  • I lived in Barcelona for 7 years and completely support its football team Futbol Club Barcelona.
  • I’m an architect.
  • I adore designer furniture (specially chairs).
  • I like graphic design and typography and love DIY projects. 
  • I've been the singer of a pop-rock band with some friends.
  • I dream about travelling the world and visiting as much as I can.
  • I admire my grandma, she’s a role model to me.
  • I hate lies. And liars.

With friends from university. Chicago, 2010.

With Joan. London, 2009.
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